LO Base is much more slower under Ubuntu then under windows XP (the same DB, the same computer)

So here is my observation.

I created an ODB file in LO Base on windows XP, and imported some data in to it from my previous DB (from .MDB through .ods as described in help). And database works well in windows. But… when I open this file in LO Base under ubuntu (on the same computer!!) and try to see data in tables, it works SO SO SLOW. it takes minutes to move to next page of records in one table, cpu usage is 100% all time. I experience such problems with table with ~1700 records, and with table with ~150 records also… all tables contains some integer and some varchar fields with 20 letters.

I tried to play with LO memory settings (as described on some forums) - no any result.
I tried to import data into Base under ubuntu also - no any result.
I moved data file from ntfs to ext4 partition - no any result.

And I am sure that I am not alone with such problem. google showed me some same questions… without solutions…

So do anyone here has such problems? any ideas what to do?

Got an answer. Hope it will help to anyone also…

it is a known bug with java engine, here its live

for me worked following:

  1. removed sun-java6-bin package (it was buggy

  2. added repository “deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/sun-java-community-team/sun-java6/ubuntu Lucid Main” (it is for 10.04)

  3. added package sun-java6-bin ( version)

  4. in LO settings-java selected java engine

now it works well, and i am happy:)

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Hi, I have had better performance since upgrading to LO 3.5.0. Is that what you’re running on your Ubuntu partition?