LO Base, Postgres and client SSL certificates

Hi all,

I’m wanting to connect LibreOffice base to an existing Postgresql database that uses client certificates for the SSL connection. Where in LibreOffice do I install the certificates for an SSL connection? Can they be embedded in the .odb file? Or must I reference them on the file system somewhere. If they have to be referenced on the file system, how should it be done to streamline the setup/config and maintenance for each user?

So much power and so many questions!

The connection string I need (and use for psql with the ssl, when the certs in the current directory) is:
“port=5432 host=oms-server.local user=oms dbname=OMS sslcert=oms-server.crt sslkey=oms-server.key sslrootcert=oms-ca.crt sslmode=require”



Macos 10.15.3

Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS