[LO Basic] Writer TextTable: how to set "spacing to contents"?

I have created the LO-Basic code below to insert a TextTable in a Writer document. I would remove spacing in every cell of the table (set automatically?) because i need more space for text in every cell: in LibreOffice Writer menus i do: Tables/Tables properties/Spacing to Contents.

How can I make this in LO-Basic?

Thank you for the reply

Sub CreaDocWriter
   Dim sTipoDoc As String
   Dim oMioDoc As Object
   Dim oTesto As Object   
   Dim oCursore As Object
   Dim tabellaA As Object
   Dim aMediaDescriptor(0) as Object
   Dim sStilePagina As String   
   Dim oStiliDiPagina as Object
   Dim oStile As Object
   Dim sUrl As String
   Dim oLogo As Object
   Set aMediaDescriptor(0) = New com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
   'puntatori pagina/testo/cursore
   oMioDoc = StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(sTipoDoc, "_default", 0, aMediaDescriptor)
   oLogo = oMioDoc.createInstance("com.sun.star.text.GraphicObject")   
   oTesto = oMioDoc.Text
   oCursore = oTesto.createTextCursor()
   'dimensioni pagina
   oStiliDiPagina = oMioDoc.StyleFamilies.getByName("PageStyles")
   oStile = oStiliDiPagina.getByName(sStilePagina)
   oStile.Width  = 29700
   oStile.Height = 21000
   oStile.LeftMargin = 500
   oStile.TopMargin = 500
   oStile.RightMargin = 500
   oStile.BottomMargin = 500
   'creazione tabella-titolo
   tabellaA = oMioDoc.createInstance("com.sun.star.text.TextTable")
   tabellaA.initialize(4, 12) '4 righe 12 colonne
   oTesto.insertTextContent(oCursore, tabellaA, False)
   'imposta altre proprietà
   'salva documento

   sUrl = GetPathDocAttuale+"test99.odt"
   aMediaDescriptor(0).Name = "Overwrite"
   aMediaDescriptor(0).Value = true
   oMioDoc.storeAsURL(sUrl, aMediaDescriptor())
'   '--------------------------------
'   ' chiude il documento
'   '--------------------------------
End Sub

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