LO Calc crashes when saving file

I’m having terrible reliability issues whenever I attempt to save a file now in Calc. Never any other time - just when saving a file.

Version, running Win 10 Pro.
Calc file consists of 11 worksheets. File size only 158KB

Have re-installed LibreOffice suite from new download but same problems. I might be able to save the file once when it’s open, but rarely can I save it a second time. Most times, but not always, a file recovery will take place on restart and the file is recovered. Some data is lost.

It’s very predictable now. Would occasionally do this when system was running Win 7 Pro. A recent upgrade (month ago) to Win 10 Pro seems to have increased the issue.

Doesn’t matter if a thousand cells are changed or if none were changed, the first ‘Save’ will usually work. The 2nd ‘Save’ will almost always crash.

Tried reset of user profile from a previous suggestion. No improvement.

Thanks. Lou

For what it’s worth, I switched back to version and the crashes when saving problem goes away. Maybe there’s a clue in there somewhere for developers?