LO Calc (x64) freezes for 2 minutes when saving

I’ve got spreadsheet (.ods file - 665 KB, 13 sheets) and when saving the document,
or default autosaving it takes about 2 minutes. In meantime
there is “not responding” message, two times - before and after
appearance of green bar at the bottom of LO screen.
I’ve just switched from OpenOffice to LibreOffice Calc and I am dissappointed.
Please help me find the reason of that freezing.

check whether you are using many of comments (in calc, don’t know if you have simiar in writer), press F5 (Navigator) and unfold ‘comments’, you get a list, up from 500 may be critical, depends on your system, if yes: they are a performance pain, unresolved since years, sometimes it helps to save without compression, *.fods, ‘Flat Open XML Format’

I had similar a year ago, opening and then saving a spreadsheet that was an Excel. It was half a mb. but when done it was 18mb.! I reported it as a bug, (my first) they were a little slow but fix it. So you might want to look at file size, but either way I would let them know.In LibreOffice, click help, send feed back, that will take you to there site. Look for “Create a bug report”. That will help them also.

I have similar issues with the “libreoffice not responding” Can’t use LO for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Can’t close LO. Many times I have to force closing all writer docs and all calc docs; then reopen LO and have to restore all the previous open LO docs. I have had this issue with LO 5.4, LO 6.0, and LO 6.1; on Win10 pc, SSD, 8GM RAM; so I don’t think it is an issue with the OS or pc. Other programs I am able to use; just LO is frozen and not responding.