LO Calc overlapping conditional formatting


I have a large range (F4:IF45) which has the conditional formatting logic:
If [Cell Value] [is equal to] [“W”]
Apply style: [Light green]

It works!

But, what if within the range I have just 5 rows that I want to follow the following
If [Cell Value] [is equal to] [“W”]
Apply style: [Light yellow]

How would you do this, the easiest way possible?

Assuming you have entered both conditional formats already, the easiest way is to delete the first conditional format in Format > Conditional > Manage and then click Add and re-create it so it becomes the second condition.

Depending on complexity it might be easier to edit the ranges to reverse conditional formatting order.

There is an enhancement request tdf#148154, you could yourself to the CC list.

A slightly complicated, but logically clear way:
Define a single CF for the complete range, but include the restricted variant (in this case for some rows) defining a first case-condition of the Formula is kind to check for the special case.
See attached example.
disask82269variableCF.ods (23.5 KB)

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