LO Calc | pivot table | ability to group daily values by month, year...


I know from Office Excel 2007 the ability to “sum” daily values directly within the pivot table configuration windows.
Does it exist in LO ?

Example, I have a transaction sheet (daily transactions) and i want to summarize them by month.
In Office Excel 2007,

  1. I create a pivot table and set the “day” column of the sheet by row
  2. The pivot table appears with all values sum by day, e.g. values like 01/01/2017 or 01/02/2017
  3. I right-click on 01/02/2017, chose the “group” option and there i can choose for example Year and Month
  4. Result is a pivot table with monthly values by row grouped by year

see the picture for illustration

Thanks for your help

Steps 1 and 2 as in your question

3 Click on a date

4 Select Data | Group and Outline | Group

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thank you very much, i had’nt found it on my own.