LO cannot properly open xml spreadsheet .xls downloaded from power company

I downloaded my electric usage from the power company as a spreadsheet. It came as a .xls file which opens correctly using MS office 2016 but when I open it with LO 5.3 it is treated as text and I see a bunch of xml. How do I tell LO Calc to import it as an xml based spreadsheet?

Why on God’s green earth do I need 3 points to upload the file to help get an answer to my problem? How do I get more points? here is some of the contents of the file after the import text screen of calc:

<?xml version='1.0'?>

Do not try to open the document by double-click. First start LibreOffice and open the document from File > Open. Select the document. Then on the right side of the dialog choose the correct filter from the drop-down list. “Web Page Query (Calc)” or “Microsoft Excel 2003 XML” might work. To test it, I would need the document.

Try changing the file name extension to xlsx and open it.

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the document downloaded with a .xls extension; I had to change the extension to let LO find it with the other filters. changing to .xml, html or .xlsx did not help; it loaded as all text or in one case gave an error.

I see I still only have 1 karma point…not sure how to accumulate more. I uploaded the file in question - see:


filehosting has inacceptable privacy conditions for me. But next try: Open the file in an editor and make sure, that there are no empty lines in the beginning, that there are no spaces before the lines with <? and that urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:spreadsheet has all lower case characters. For details see bugs tdf#115246 and https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68742. In case that does not help, please send me the file: rb.henschel@t-online.de