LO can't find the JRE

I have Java 1.8.0_311 and LO
Can’t use Base anymore after update of Java to current version.
In LO Advanced option screen…No Java version is shown.
Trying to ADD results in an error that says that selected folder does NOT have a JRE.
What seems to be wrong here??

Which system do you use?

If you are using MacOS: Not only JRE, the whole JDK will be needed. See here: ask.libreoffice.org-57171

I had a look at my current Java version of OpenJDK: 11.0.12 . Works on OpenSUSE 15.2 as expected with newer versions of LO.

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How to install Java (JRE/JDK) so that LibreOffice could use it?

Or you have to download and install it once.

Install the correct JRE - LibreOffice on windows 10

Using Windows 10 and JUST NOW updated LO to 7.2.2. The JRE still wont show up in the TOOLS-ADVANCED- display.

If you are using LibreOffice 64-bit then you need JRE 64-bit (aka x64).

If you using LibreOffice 32-bit then you need JRE 32-bit (aka x86).

If the bit-ness doesn’t match then LibreOffice will not recognise the JRE you have installed.

I Have a Windows 10 64-bit operating system.
I Have LO 7.2.2 which says its 64-bit.
I have java in the x86 folder (so I guess it is the 32-bit java??)
How do I get a 64-bit java downloaded?? (the java download page seems to only default to the 32-bit version).


At that page you will see 3 options for download. Choose the one that says “Windows Offline (64-bit)”

(Have to say that as I don’t use JAVA for anything other than LibreOffice, I just get the portable version from PortableApps and use that. So I’m hoping my instruction on where to get the ‘normal’ – fully installable version – of JRE x64 works.)

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Thanks so much Radish. Found the right Java and LO is now working just fine!!!

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