Error message:No Java installation could be found. Please check your installation

I am trying to use LibreOffice on a macbook with the latest version of OS X. I have installed the Oracle Java JDK-15 file properly. However the software will not create a database. I have gone to Preferences and made sure that the JRE is active. I have verified that the location of the JDK-15 file is in the correct location. What do I need to do to make the Database program work properly???

How to install Java (JRE/JDK) so that LibreOffice could use it?

Hi, even I am facing the same issue. I installed Java and and made sure that they are checked by Preferences-> Advanced. Still shows the same message. I use MacOS 12.3.1

First, have you checked to make sure the JDK is actually installed and selected in the LO PREFERENCES>Advanced menu? The Java Options List should show the Oracle Corporation JDK version number and the selection button on the left must show a small dot in its centre (to show it is actually selected). If there is no dot it is NOT selected and so you must click on it to select. Then click on the OK button on the bottom left of the Options-Advanced window. Quit LO and restart.

If the above does not work, maybe you are experiencing a bug. What version of LO are you using? Look at the below TWO bug reports and advise us if either seems to describe your problem or even suggests a solution:

1. LibreOffice does not recognise JRE installation location at startup other than those in /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/

2. LO Complains about missing JDK when accessing any Java functionality, despite recognizing JDK on macOS under Preferences

PLEASE NOTE: LO requires JDK on Mac OS. You can’t use JRE.

Hello, I have got the error.
I have nothing to choose from.

Here is my java. Seems to me alright.

Please help me…
getting frustrated
Thank you

Here is the error. I am getting.

I am sorry to do three posts however the system for some reason does not allow for more than one picture in one post - as I am a new user… does not help either.


Which system do you use?

mac OS Big Sur

Did you read: Mac requires the whole Jave Developement Kit (JDK), not even Java Runtime Environment (JRE)?

Hi Robert,
thank you, I will look at that.

Dear Robert -

I am getting similar error “connection to the data source could not be established”.

Though in Advanced->Options I have the latest Oracle JDK radio button checked.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hi Robert,

I have the same problem… I have the JDK and I can see it in the Advanced panel!,

I’m running OS X 12.4 and LibreaOffice

I have un installed and reinstalled both the Java and Office as well as a number f Re-booths… But nothing works!!

Is there a fix for this?

Please can you help.



Did you have a look here: Other thread on ask (Java not found - Mac)

I have never used a Mac. I’m only reading about the problems with Java…

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Hi @RobertG

Thanks for the quick response. I think I may have fixed the problem. I found a new version of the JDK as a test release 9 on the Oral web site. I ran the Tar and copied the VM to the same directory as the older version and selected it in LO. All seems ok and I have started creating my DB!

Please keep up all of your fantastic support effort. I would not have got this far without it.