LO can't open a data base

I have a data base called books.odb. When I ask Win10 to open it, it says it can’t open books.mdb which is the wrong suffix for the file. It reports an access violation. I have previously used LO and this file for years and have no idea what’s causing this error. It first happene

mdb or odb? mdb is Access.

What happens when you open the Base program from your start menu and then use the dialogue to open existing database?

My computer is French so I’m translating the messages from it so please excuse any inaccuracies. I get a message saying Impossible to establish a connection to the data base … and it gives the right path to books.mdb which is not what it should be. Note the .mdb instead of .odb. I don’t even have Access on my computer. If the file ended .odb it would be just right. Thanks

I’ve done that and I get a window saying Impossible to establish a connection to the data source books.
Format of the data base (‘C:\Users\Mes Documents\books.mdb’) not recognized.

Once again you see the suffix .mdb in place of .odb which is what my data base really is.

I don’t know what to do and I really need to open that data base. Please try to help me. Thanks

Have you tried option 3. from the screenshot too? Does the same thing happen?

Other possible steps (in any case, make a backup copy first) :

  1. enable file extensions in Windows and have a look if the file really is an odb, rename if it is not
  2. rename the file to somethingelse.odb and try opening it again, maybe it is registered in the wrong way
  3. open it with Access, if you have it and see what happens… maybe it’s a different DB?
  4. upload it here if it does not contain personal information to see if the problem is on your end only. if it is private, try opening it on a different computer
  5. try to repair the file for instance as described here