LO changing text to italics

LO on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I write a lot of documentation of procedures on Linux systems. As such there are a lot of references to directories with Linux-style names - nodes separated by a forward slash. What’s happening is when I enter a second forward slash in a string, the text between it and the previous one is turned to italics and the slashes themselves removed. It’s taking the forward slashes as a formatting directive,like I observe on some websites like StackOverflow.

How do I turn off this behavior? If I want italics, I’ll select the text and indicate as such with the menu icon.

It is AutoCorrect.

In the menu click Tools > AutoCorrect Options > Options and untick Automatic *bold, /italic, -strikeout- and underline. OK out.

Note that if you have a different language set than that of your Locale that you will need to set your default language from the Replace tab. In this case the image shows English (New Zealand) but I use English (UK) as default so I would need to select English (UK) before unticking the Automatic *bold*,/italic/etc for it to take effect. Cheers, Al

Got it. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: