LO Crashed while printing and now print to file doesn't work

I was testing printing of some envelopes created from a database. I was trying to print to a file rather than to paper until I was happy with my output. The program ran with one or two records a few times and then crashed. When asked, I saved the crash report. Now I can’t print to a file anymore. I select the first two records to test with and then the program starts saving thousands of lines. I cancelled the print since I don’t know where all the records were coming from. I think I only have 41 records in the database at present. I did close everything and rebooted. Microsoft installed some more “updates”. I still couldn’t get the data to print to a file.

If someone has any suggestions or whether I need to provide additional information, I would appreciate any help.

Why not checking…

Your document
connected to wich datasource
type of the datasource (csv, spreadsheet internal DB)
Open your “database” and check the number if entries

Nobody but you can do this…

Your display:


Just a guess: could it be that your DB is created in Calc and you accidentally selected everything?

I actually only have 56 records (14 teams x 4 bowlers). I selected the first two. I had been working with this and sending the output to a pdf file and it had been working fine. After the crash occurred, this started happening when I tried to print to a file. If I print to the printer, everything works fine. I will try to create a new mail merge document in a new file and see what happens.

When the crash occurred, there was a pop up message that asked about sending the crash report and where it could be located. I sent the report and later found the crash message, but it didn’t mean anything to me.

I could have written out the envelopes faster than the amount of time I have spent on this, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun!

You probably need to clear the print queue, try this https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/how-to-clear-printer-queue-in-windows-10/7e5aceec-de45-490d-b9a1-9639458a24d0

The print queue is empty. I’m not sure why this would be significant when trying to print to a file. If you have any other suggestions, I will give them a try. Thanks for your help.