LO crashing on ODS-open after upgrade to Is this an existing bug?


After upgrading to LO LO crashes when I try to open an ods document.

The message I get is “No connection could be established”. When clicking “ok” LO crashes.

Other ods documents open, just not this one.

I also made a copy of it, unzipped it, used xmllint to find errors. No errors were found.

Then when I zipped the file again it opened as a text/writer doc not a spreadsheet.

I’m going to install a dev version to test and then an older version of LO.



Hi Just an update on this…

I tried a newer build that did not work and then tried a nightly build a few weeks later which still had the pop-up but did not crash, allowing me to work with the file.

Then from version everything is working the way it should, i.e. no pop-up when opening the document and no crashing. I’m not sure if there were versions in between as the nightly did not seem to “see” updates.

Anyway, thanks for fixing this.