LO doesn't read templates after updating to newer version

After I recently updated LibreOffice, I discovered the templates I worked for several hours in the previous version to create have disappeared. Where have they gone and can they be recovered?

See paths on Paths - LibreOffice Help and see if templates are in templates folder. Maybe you can just re-add them and LO is just not detecting them right since update. Seams unlikely they erased. Keep backup of important files.

Unlikely or not, they were erased. Not happy.

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Well, LO can’t read them if they are gone, but I don’t think its due to update. New version of LibreOffice does not clean users profile. From which version you updated to what version? Maybe templates are in old location and new LibreOffice is reading from new location. Could you provide this information?

I was able to find where the templates are stored, including the folders where the templates I added were stored. The folder that had the missing templates is still there but is now empty.

I can’t trust LO to store my templates anymore and will just keep them in a folder in Documents on my E: drive where they can be easily be backed up when I backup all my data. Accessing them from within LO is easy enough.

Hello @LadyFitzgerald,

Your custom user templates are probably stored in one of the folders whose path is listed in "Tools : Options... : LibreOffice : Paths : Templates".
You could add your own paths there.

On my Unix-based system, the path to the user templates folder is:


Another place where LO looks for templates, is the user template folder in the ‘Documents and Settings folder’ in the home directory;
In my case that would be:


Hope you find it,
With Regards - lib