LO Draw 7 vs 6 arrow shape

Hello everyone. Can anyone verify that the arrow and short-arrow length has changed from libreoffice draw 6.x to 7.x? It’s not just smaller, the arrow proportion is different, it is in fact shorter than before, so enlarging the arrow only makes it bigger but the shape overall remains different.

We could discuss about whether the old or new arrow shape is better (probably the new one I admit) but now in all my documents created with older versions, all newly drawn arrows have different shape.

Is there any workaround to this, or am I doing someting wrong? Thank you

LO 6.4 has as first arrow in the drop-down list the arrow “Arrow” and applies it to a hairline with 0,3cm width.

LO 7.0 has as first arrow in the list the arrow “Arrow short” and applies it with 0,2cm width. So that is indeed different.

If you use the shape from the “Line and Arrows” list, you will still get an “Arrow” in 0,3cm width. You have full control over line ends and their width using menu Format > Line…