LO Draw circles have two additional points in exported .pdf-files

Hey ho!

Now I have a problem for what I don’t find a solution. In short:
I draw a circle, export the .odg file with LibreOffice Draw to a uncompressed .pdf-file and get two additional points. They are on the upper left and on the bottom right of an imaginary boundingbox. These dots are very very small, but even printed with a low quality inkjetprinter (and also with a good laserprinter) they are still visible.
I tried my best, but I can not remove them!

And they are also around circle pointers and sometimes around triangles! But when I export the same file with Apache OpenOffice, I don’t have these Problems!

The Details:

In LibreOffice Draw for Linux { Version (Build ID: 400m0(Build:2)) } and for Windows { Version: Build ID: 89ea49ddacd9aa532507cbf852f2bb22b1ace28 } are additional points in the exported .pdf-files. But when I export the same .odg-file with the help of Apache OpenOffice {Version: 4.0.0. AOO400m3(Build:9702) - Rev. 1503704 } these points are missing. All have the same export options and all are uncompressed vector types.



Now is a small picture in the attachment. I hope the .odg and .pdf-file works fine!

(Edit: activated image -AK)


I can’t reproduce your issue? can you please upload the files to any file sharing service and share the links here…?


Like I wrote in my last sentence: I can not upload files. I need two additional Karma-Points. When I have them, I will immediately update this question.

@liberte_toujours, you should have enough points now, but last time I tried uploading files only graphics formats were accepted. If this happen it is because the site is currently undergoing maintenance regarding uploading of files. You can always upload them elsewhere and post a link here.

Thanks for Your help! I uploaded an image. In between I try to find a way to upload the .odg-file.

Thanks for providing the examples. This issue is older that I imagined it might be. It evidently goes back to LO v3.3.1 and is detailed in bug fdo#37559. The only objects affected in your example are the polygons (triangle and two circles). I have tested it with a variety of other polygons (pentagon, hexagon, octogon, lozenge, star, callout, arrow, etc.) and all exhibit the same pair of erroneous dots at upper left and lower right in LO v4.1.0.4 under GNU/Linux. The dots are clearly visible in LO Draw and so naturally export to PDF as well, although the bug does mention that not all PDF readers show the dots. I have not tested AOO and so cannot confirm its behaviour, but presumably if it does not create these dots in Draw then it stands to reason that it will also not export them to a corresponding PDF.

Big thanks for Your Link!
Now I’m still confused, if this problem is known and solved. Because on this site, somebody mentioned that he has this problem with a “newer” (now also very old) version and somebody else said that this bug is only for the opened version (comment 37 and 38).
In my case I will open all files with AOO and export them with this program, because for me I don’t see any opportunity to solve this problem.

The bug affects all versions of LO, up to and including v4.1 and it has not yet been resolved. This is probably an indication that the code in question is not easy to fix or similar.

Oh, hope the next version have less new functions, but therefore more bugfixes :slight_smile:
So for me is the only possibility to use AOO for important documents :frowning: I don’t want to open every .pdf-document again, to delete the additional points.

Just now, I had changed my packages list and so an update to
Build ID: 410m0(Build:2)«
was available. But even I have the newest version and use a new useraccount, the mistake is still there.

Is there still no solution?

Hi, I have the same points appearing but it happens when I print the file. I’m using v (x64). I’ve created files in draw with the Basic Shapes tool (circle, star, and trapezoid). When I print the file I get the same points described…upper left and lower right. If I convert the shapes to polygons, then go to the edit points tool, the points appear along with the points for the shape. If I delete or move those points and then print the files, the pts are moved or not printed.