LO Draw file can't be printed to file

Simple graphic (two squares, text, imported image) in Draw can be printed on physical printer, but it isn’t printed to file (any of 3 possibilities - MS Print to PDF, MS XPS document writer, prn file - doesn’t work). There is no error message, printing appears to be complete, print file is displayed in last files with zero length, there is no file on disk. In Print dialog box, “Page 1/1”, the first “1” before the slash is gray. It’s possible to import the file to PDF or GIF.
Another file (without the imported image) is possible to print to file ok.
I can’t remember the LO version, but I updated to latest version and it didn’t help.

I tried print to file from Draw 6.0.5. on Windows 7. On drawing there are two rectangles and one image. Works fine. PRN file is 350 kb

What is your OS and version of LibreOffice?