LO Draw with measurements to the millimeter

I need to make a drawing of a project with measurements. The drawing is in 1:10 scale, and I have been using mm as units in the drawing. However, LO Draw produces measurements in steps of 10 millimeters, e.g 160 mm rather than 165 mm.

I don’t care about what comes out on the paper if it is off by a few pixels. But when I specify in the properties the ‘y’ coordinate of a line as 20.0 mm, that of another line as 36.4 mm, I need a measurement from line A to line B to appear with a label saying 164 mm, not 160 mm. (I have set the scale and Draw correctly multiplies with 10.)

I also notice that when I set the position and size attributes of a rectangle, the program often adjusts the values, as if it had internally converted the measurements to an integral number of some internal unit, and then converted this number back to the units I am using. In such cases, the change is about a tenth of a millimeter. As said, I don’t care if the drawing comes out several tenths wrong on paper or on screen, but I need to have the nominal values respected. Is there a way to achieve this?

That’s strange. Never experienced something like that.
Can you provide an example? Version? OperatingSytem?

Actually the internal unit for size and position is 0.01 mm.

What kind of Project is this? Draw is not designed to be as precise as an Architect requires as far as I know Is why I ask.

Draw surely is lacking features to be usable as a “good” CAD surrogate in any field. However, precision isn’t the point insofar. In many fields a resolution of 0.01 mm is clearly sufficient. The complaint, I think, was about much more significant deviations which surely aren’t acceptable for a sound implementation.
Well, on the UI level the resolution only is 0.01 cm, but thats still accptable and roughly meets the “300dpi” standard still often used for printing and scanning.

I just made an example having, among other objects, exactly what I understood from the OQ. It didn’t show any errors on the level I could check. In specific it showed the expected distance of 1.64 cm for the two (horizontal) lines.
May it be that you (the OQer) had not set the option “Snap to object frame”, and then accepted the bad positioning of an end point of the measuring line?