LO executables for Win10 controlled folder access

With Windows Defender Controlled Folder Access turned on LibreOffice cannot write to the Desktop or Documents folders, among others. I have tried to allow access, but adding soffice.exe, swriter.exe, scalc.exe, etc. to the allowed list doesn’t help. Perhaps LO uses another executable or script to save files. Does anybody know what LO application(s) need to be added to the Controlled Folder Access allowed list for LO to function properly?

Here is the answer, with instructions. Certainly not easy to find, but I guess worth it to keep Controlled Folder Access “on.”

I had already done that but the program still was giving me the error messages. Solution seems to be as per my answer.

The [soffice|swriter|scalc].exe actually don’t need those permissions. soffice.bin does.

EDIT: Seeing your other question, I realize that my answer is irrelevant. To function properly, LibreOffice should be installed properly, and so you would need to investigate (using Defender Controlled Folder Access) what was blocked, and possibly simply disable the Defender’s feature for the time of installation.

I think the poster intended to ask how to get LibreOffice function as it does after adding ‘soffice.bin’ to the list of controlled apps. :slight_smile: