LO freezing when opening network document

I am having trouble opening documents that reside on a NAS device and are mounted as an NFS volume. I can open the documents using other applications (AbiWord, Calligra) without any trouble.

When I launch LO using the soffice script, the problem occurs, but if I launch LO using ./soffice.bin I am able to see the files and open them. I’ve tried two different kernel versions and the problem is not with the kernel. I suspect there is a problem with the soffice script but I cannot figure out what.

Current configuration
Fedora 23, 64-bit
GNOME: 3.18.2
LO version:

Any sort of help would be appreciated.

This is happening with the latest build 6.1.x under opensuse leap 15 and tumbleweed. In the terminal a reference is made to KDE kio, but not really helpful.