LO Impress crashes after adding sound

Hello, I am new to LO and I am trying to add sound to my presentation and after I add the sound the presentation goes black and the program is frozen and I have to execute it.

Thanks for the response.

I’m starting here because the issue may be related.
I’m using Linux Mint 14 and LOo 3.x operated correctly, playing a sound file included in a slide transition although the transition window didn’t always show the correct sound/file.
In (the most recent which I can obtain via the repository) although I can allocate a file, it doesn’t show in the window, nor does it play when I try to present. However, using the file with 3.x it plays correctly.
Loading a presentation from the archive which still works correctly with 3.x, it won’t play in
Now, this may be the similarity between my problem and the above because quite often when preparing the presentation, adding the sound file causes LOo to lock up and I have to kill the process and restart. On recovery, the sound file has NOT been added to the transition (checking with 3.x verifies).
At present this is a show-stopper but I love the remote presentation feature and that works fine with my Galaxy Note II

P.S. where do I find the commenting tool - it doesn’t seem to appear in this firefox 20 browser? I can see it when this question is displayed but not anyone elses’s :-/

Hi @revderek – I just gave you some more karma so you can comment on q’s and answers.

Based on the information you’ve provided, it sounds like you’d probably be best served by filing a bug and providing a list of steps that can reproduce your problem. The QA Team will be glad to help you determine if this is a bug in LO.


Hi @Anonymous2,

Here’s quick test of adding sound to a presentation – can you try out these steps and let us know what happens?

(I’m testing on Ubuntu 12.04 using LO Impress

Creating an Impress document with embedded audio:

  • Start LO Impress
  • Click ‘Next’, ‘Next’, then ‘Create’ (in the wizard)
  • Click on ‘Click to add title’ and entitle the slide ‘Audio Test’
  • Download a piece of audio from Wikimedia: bell sound
  • Select (from the menu): Insert → Movie and Sound, and then select the downloaded audio
  • Save the file

Testing playback

  • Open the file
  • Press ‘F5’ to start the slideshow
  • (Once the slide has loaded, the audio starts to play immediately)
  • Press ‘Esc’ to stop the slideshow