LO Impress/Draw (Versions & Multiple Pages Per Sheet Printing

The quick & short - On my way out from Windows and MS Office. I’ve been migrating to Linux since last year in July. Received my new Desktop late in December and now trying to finish setting it up so I can dump Windows for good.

I use Publisher & PowerPoint frequently for work, so this is not an option to forego it.

I frequently create 5.5 X 8.5 and 4.25 X11 flyers to print on 8.5 X 11 sheets. I will also need to mail merge it prior to printing as well. I’ve spent hours researching and trying to figure out why I cannot print 2 up on a sheet and tested 2 versions of LO. Print preview only shows 1 up and playing with the other settings such as tiling does then show 2 up but reduces the image size to half the page. I have yet to test the mail merge function but I imagine if I can figure out how to print 2 per sheet the mail merge will be fine at that point.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. My absolute last resort would be to run a Windows VM and continue to use MS Office, but I’d really rather not considering I just dropped $3K+ on a 20 core box specifically with Linux.

Thank you in advance!!

-Update- Installed in Win10 box and same issues with printing…

-Update_2- Installed Apache OOo in Win 10 box and discovered that leaving layout as 1 and then using the OO tab under Size, changing to “tile sheet of paper with repeated slides” now shows 2 up in print preview. Not sure that is supposed to work that way, because then what is the point of “Layout”. This also works in LO Impress in Linux. Although, I did notice that the margins are off, so this may not be the alternative.

Do not understand why printer option pages per sheet doesn’t fix your problem (here for Draw)

image description

or are you in fact looking for option [o] Brochure ?

Not looking for the Brochure option. With the options you’ve mentioned, print preview moves the 5.5 X 8.5 or 4.25 X 11 image to the top or left side when selecting 2 pages per sheet and the 2nd image is not present in the preview as well as when printing to PDF, Print to File and my printer, its blank.

I’d attach a screenshot if there was an option, but I only see an option for a link and using insert only adds the path to my file on my desktop. Don’t see an “upload from computer” or paperclip/attach file option.

Try with Custom in the drop-down-list of ‘Pages per sheet’. Make sure you are printing at least two pages. In case you have only one page, use ‘Slides’ in the Ranges and Copies section and write 1;1. Make sure you have set the correct paper size and orientation to hold two pages in the properties of the printer; that is button Properties...

Thank you for the info. I was able to get the print preview to show 2 up using “Slides 1,1”. My next hurdle is to see if a mail merge function will output the data without duplicating it based on these settings. Thank you again!