LO Installation: How to trigger installation of CALC

Hi guys

I started with LO 4.1.6 and installed base and writer. Then I installed LO without an issue (although I did notice that in 4.2 you can’t select if you want write, calc etc.

Now I want to add CALC and I have no option to do so. In controll panel I can try and modify my software installation but the options for LO dont include adding CALC or even removing BASE, WRITER etc.

Also, when I open liberoffice, and I click on new CALC document, nothing happens. When I click on new WRITER document it of course opens writer because it’s installed.

How can I trigger the install of CALC?

Hmm… it seems that this was intentional:
Seems that when you do a new install you get all components. Maybe they forgot about doing upgrades from a lower version. :frowning:

I think your best option is to uninstall the new LO and reinstall it. The new versions 4.2.xx install ALL programs.

See also: How do I add / remove program modules in 4.2 …; fdo#74467 · Status: RESOLVED WONTFIX.

Thanks guys. This is what I did in the end. I tried messing with registry before, but couldn’t get the repair function to install the other components.

I was afraid it would overwrite settings but it seems that the little bit that I customized was preserved.

Your request is understandable.

As close to all users install anyhow the entire suit - it is all free of charge - there was no need to offer single elements of the LibO Office Suit. All it cost you is a few bytes on your HDD. On my XP machine it takes 470MB in programs and 13MB in Application data. I hope that you are not that limited with your HDD space and will enjoy such a free of charge full fledged office suit.

BTW I also install Math and Base also I never opened it…