LO "not responding" when using right click on the icon in the dock

This is driving me bonkers.
I am on a M1 Mac (Monterey 12.4) and everything is up to date (LO
Say I go on the LO icon that is in the dock and right click and then select which file to look at, as soon as do that the spinning wheel of death appears and all I can do is kill LO and start again.
I must remember instead to click on “show all windows” and then select what doc to look at.
It happens EVERY TIME. I have tried to start in “safe mode”, but it has made no difference.

I have also tried to revoke and re-grant permissions (as suggested in another thread), but no difference.

I have now created a new user, but no difference. I can choose files once or twice using the right click on the mouse, but then EVERY TIME I need to close LO because it stopped working. I think it is a bug…

Any help appreciated.