[LO Pivot table] Drill-down (Enable drill to details) retrieves more lines than the aggregated amount.


I have a simple pivot table, based on one small amount of transactional data stored in the same file.
the option Enable drill to details is activated for this pivot table. By double-clicking on one celle of the pivot table I expect to retrieve all the transactional records whose amounts participate to the sum shown in one single cell of the pivot table.
In my example (see picture),

  1. i double-click on the amount 4768,05 and I would like to see the most granular data which contributes (summed-up) to this value 4768,05.
  2. The double-click retrieves 21 records. The sum of the values of column D gives 20476,61 ≠ 4768,05.
  3. If I filter directly on the transactional data (without using the pivot table), I get four records which contribute to the amount 4768,05.

Why does Calc retrives 21 records and not 4 records ? According to the help, “double-click an item label in the table to show or hide details for the item”, I expect only 4 records to be retrieved.

I guess the current result of 21 records matches with the filters applied to the pivot table before the drill-down on the amount 4768,05.

Has anyone already met this issue ? Is this a bug or is it the expected result ? Do I misunderstand the help ?
Or did I made any mistake while using the pivot table functions ?

thanks for your help!