LO Portable Updating / Settings


Apprecaite any help.

I run the portable version, windows 10 64 bit.
If I update then I have a brand new version and settings are LO defaults.

How can I transfer my settings / preferences from previous version to the new portable version?
Do I copy the users folder over?


Yes, just copy over your users folder and that should be fine.

Unless you have a reason for wanting to keep you old LibreOffice version then you could just install the new portable into the old version folder and the portable installer will just overwrite the LibreOffice program with the new version; however, the installer will not delete your user data folder, so you keep you old user data intact.

Thanks, apprecated.

If you are entirely new to portable apps then I would strongly recommend reading this page: https://portableapps.com/support/portable_app
You will find the following helpful for tips specific to LibreOffice portable: https://portableapps.com/support/libreoffice_portable

Another tip for LibreOffice portable is that if installing extensions (including dictionaries) to your portable LibreOffice then when you get the option to ‘install for whom’ you should always choose the ‘Only for Me’ option. If you do not do this then you risk compromising the portability of the LibreOffice portable. (It won’t be disaster if you install the extension for ‘everyone’, but just be aware of the potential problem.)

Hi Radish,

Thanks for the links and run down, apprecaited.