LO regularly prompts to update to Fresh instead of Stable

My father has LibreOffice Stable (version 6.4.7), because he’s hardly a “technology enthusiast, early adopter or power user”.

However, recently, LibreOffice has been regularly prompting him to update to Fresh (version 7.0.3) — see the screenshot.

I’ve gone through the LibreOffice settings, and I can’t find how to have LibreOffice prompt only for Stable updates rather than Fresh. How can I set this, please?

My father is running Windows 10.

LO 7.0.3 is now a stable version. This is the release which is installed in Linux distros through the repository mechanism (i.e. digested by the distro maintainers not the LO devs).

Since I never get this prompt under Linux (I haven’t found any setting for it), this should be a Windows-specific feature, probably with the help of some added module. See if you can silence the prompt, either in Tools>Options or Tools>Extension Manager.

@ajlittoz - it seems you are using distro packages on (your) Linux, which do (and should) disable that feature because it refers to native packages directly from TDF. I do get these messages since using native rpm (or deb on test systems) packages from TDF. But in essence you are right. At some point in time there is a shift from “fresh” becoming “still” and - as per Release Plans - current 6.4 series of releases reached EOL on 30th of November (Path: Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Online Update -> [ ] Check for updates automatically (on Linux [native packages] and Windows).

@ajlittoz — Correct, it is Windows-specific (I also use Linux). I have checked the options in my father’s LibreOffice, and the online update option doesn’t specify Fresh or Stable; just whether or not to automate the prompts.

@ajlittoz & @anon73440385 — If 7.0.3 is now Stable, it should be identified as such on the download page. I see that 7.0.4 is due in a week, so I’ll wait until then to upgrade my father’s machine. I think that it would be a good idea to prompt the developers to update the website; do you know how I would submit that request?

@PaddyLandau - If you want to hear my (personal) recommendation: Stick with for a while and disable the update notification. I won’t upgrade my production instance as of now.

@anon73440385 — Thanks for the tip. I’ve been using Fresh for a long time, and I’ve found version 7 to be stable, so I don’t have a problem updating my father’s machine. He doesn’t use power features, so he’ll be fine.