LO secure pdf export issue

Hi everyone,

Since version 4.2, I notice that LO pdf export has some issue on the security options.

I’m using LO on Mac OSX 10.9 and ver at the moment.

I had exported any document as pdf with printing allowed, copy and edit disallowed. Once the pdf is exported, the document becomes everything disallowed.

Wondering anyone has a similar problem.

If I downgrade to 4.1, pdf export with the above intended security works fine.

Can Someone help me please.

9 Mar 2014

Today I downloaded Prerelease version

Seems that this issue is not solve. Pretty upset.

Bug 74654 is still in Status: NEW, waiting for a patch. When a bugfix is available, the status will be changed to RESOLVED FIXED.

Apparently Bug 74654 - PDF Security options (can’t print file) — see also the attachments (screenshots) in duplicate Bug 75427 - Other: Export as PDF - Printing in PDF file is not allowed when option “High resolution” is selected in Security Option.

Update 2014-04-18


(LibreOffice 4.2.4)