LO Slow to Open File with Password

Build ID: 1:5.0.5~rc2-0ubuntu2
Ubuntu 15.10

I have a password-protected file that takes several minutes to open. During that time I see the process gvfsd-smb running and taking up 100.1% of CPU.

What causes the long delay? Size of file, length of password? Any way to mitigate?

Having similar problem on xubuntu 16.04 opening Thunar (file manager) first time after boot. Started a couple of weeks ago after a system update, fixed for a few days & back again. I just kill gvfsd-smb-browse------ and Thunar immediately opens, and no further problem until a reboot. No problems with LO but not using pw protection either. Most times use Dolphin now & never a problem. Seems it only affects certain things.

I have the same problem in windows version. However, as soon as I stop the networking, the password-protection file can be open as the normal file.