LO version (AARCH64) calc - MACOS Using Command C crashed LO

I find using Command C in last update to LO cause the software to crash. I am on the latest updates on Mac and this started with the last update and happens every time. If I use the menu option to Cut and not the Command C, no problems.


First steps to take before submitting a bug

Deleted user profile and still same issues.

Now I find using the keyboard commands or the menu option for copy and paste frequently crashed LO 24.2 on my Mac and fortunately I can recover my document each time. I thought it was just happening in one Calc file but it happens in all my files quite frequently making my using the program very difficult. I will try to report this as a bug. Sometime LO just locks up completely and I have to Force Quit the application on my Mac and I do send a crash report to Apple.

I completely removed LO 24.2 and the user profile, rebooted my system, and installed a LO fresh. I still have this problem where LO crashes when copying or cutting on a Mac and my Mac is up to date. I am thinking of giving up on the 24.2 and going back to the original version as this is impacting my ability to get my work done.