LO viewer for Android won't open LO5 Linux .ods file

The file is only 75Kb, but when I try to open it, LO viewer hangs. If I click About>more info> it opens example.odt OK.
So far that’s the only file I’ve opened in Android viewer.
I’ve even tried un-installing then re-installing viewer, but no better.
See the screenshot as well.

(Edit: activated screenshot)

You’d better share the file in question. The problem may be about the viewer, thus, out of scope of this site.

Thanks for the suggestion about sharing the file. As there was some personal data on there, I thought I’d try my own sample file, which opened in viewer OK.
Since realised that the issue with viewer was caused by using # as the first character of the filename.Renamed without the # and it opened fine.
However, Viewer still seems difficult to use & view. I can’t seem to find LO for Android though. The file opens in the Android version of Excel.

Try AndrOpenOffice.