LO won't install, I get installation error 1336. How can I fix this?

While trying to update LO, I downloaded the new version and then during the install I got this error message, Error 1336: There was an error creating a temporary file that is needed to complete the installation. After trying this a couple of times with a fresh download I restarted my computer and tried again. No luck. Then I realized that LO had been completely uninstalled, so at this point I don’t have LO on my computer anymore. Please help!

Now I also remember that prior to trying the update/install, I was unable to save a new writer document. I got an error message saying that the file doesn’t exist. Of course not, I was just creating it.

I have to use a Window10 laptop and when trying to install LO5 I get the 1336 error too. Any ideas please?

Here is a link to a MS User-Forum answer on Error 1336.

If neither the advice in the webpage above, nor Mike’s link to Q136352 in his comment works for you, then you need to face the fact that your installation of Windows is borked & you need to reinstall Windows from scratch.