LO won't open TB attachment

Hi there,
I am currently using LO 7 and Thunderbird 78 on an iMac with El Capitain.
For some reason, when I try to open a doc/docs attachment from TB I see that LO tries to come to the foreground as if it is about to open it, but then it thinks better of it, it disappears again and nothing happens. Other attachments open fine. I can save the attachment or open the doc/x with Text edit without issue, but I cannot open it straight from TB.
I have read a few threads where they say it is TB’s fault. I don’t know (I am asking both here and on a TB board) but I just would like to understand where the mismatch originates from.

This may be due to the fact that thunderbird copies the attachment into a cache (temporary) directory, tells macOS the temporary filename, while macos passes this information to LibreOffice and finally LibreOffice got no access to the cached file’s location. If it is that way, this is not a LibreOffice issue but a permission issue (neglecting the fact that opening attachments directly from an email is a bad habit at all). Try to provide Full Disk access to LibreOffice and check whether that fixes your issue

> Other attachments open fine.

Other attachment’s file extensions associated with Apple-Store applications (I guess)?

What a dope!!
My shortcut was pointing to the wrong place, that’s why it wouldn’t work :smiley: