LO Writer I'd like to shift the field inserted date more than 31 days (solved in 6.3.3)

I was used to insert date field like these:

date (YYYY, -365) - date (YYYY)

So I was able to insert something like that:

“School year 2018-2019”

I am now limited to +31 or -31 days … I wish I could do more.
How can I do?
Or maybe I have to ask for somewhere else?

Thanks in advance

Most possibly a bug that needs filing.

I don’t see the limitation when I insert a field. With Insert - Field - Other... I can use any offset to a date field.

How do you insert the date field?

actually tdf#127641

That issue mentioned by Mike Kaganski is tagged as detected in v. and confirmed in the current dev version 6.4 “alpha”.

I am running v. and cannot reproduce it.

@FedrikElassar: which version are you running (see menu item Help - About LibreOffice)

Actually, it’s even tdf#127840 introduced in 6.3.0 and fixed in 6.3.3.

I’m using version
I just started downloading 6.3.3 (connection not very fast …).
When it’s finished, I’ll let you know.
Thanks for now!

With 6.3.3 everything’s working fine!