LO Writer 7.1 opens on untitled document

Dear all,

Every time I open LO Write 7.1, I get an “Untitled 1” document which comes from a recovery of a previous crash.
There are no dialogue windows. If I open a new instance of the app, I get the same document with “Untitled 2”, and so on for other new windows.

I tried:

  • save it and close the app File->Close/Close preview/Exit
  • open another document and close the program
  • dig into the preference to find the crash/recovery behaviour
  • restart in safe mode (where I can correctly see a blank document) to change some behaviour (haven´t found anything relevant). Here would be possible to delete my user settings, but I would like to use it as last resort…

but no positive outcomes.

I find this a risky behaviour of the app: the file is very similar in content to the saved one and the similarity could suggest it is a safe copy.

Reset your user profile

Reset your user profile. See LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki for help. Note: you rename the old profile, so your user settings are safe, and you can later copy them from the old profile to the new one. Do that when LibreOffice is not running.

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