LO writer and furigana

When writing Japanese/Kanji, it is possible to add hiragana. This is also known as furigana.
When using the Asian phonetic guide, I have to add the same hiragana to every occurence of that kana.

Is it possible to add hiragana global to all occurences of a kana?


Do you mean “rubi characters”? If so, this is not possible directly.

You must store the combined kana with its rubies into an AutoText entry.

Then you type the entry “name” and F3 to replace the name with the kana + rubies.


Creating an AutoText entry

  1. Build your kana and its rubies with Format>Asian Phonetic Guide
  2. Select the group kana + rubies
  3. Tools>AutoText
  4. In name give it a human-readable name and in shortcut your preferred abbreviation for it (Warning! Writer pre-fills this field with only the first letter of the name; type explicitly the multi-letter shortcut)
  5. Press AutoText button and New

Using an AutoText entry

Type the shortcut and immediately F3

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It’s correct that I want to use rubi characters (I didn’t know that was their name).
Next question; how can I create a kana/rubi combination? Is this specific to the asian phonetic guide or is it stand LO Writer?

AutoText is a standard Writer feature. It records any text sequence with its formatting. Rubi is part of the formatting, therefore use New and not New (Text only) when adding a new entry.