LO Writer "Custom Ordered List Levels" in a document template


What I want to do: Save a .ott where the default ordered list has specific levels. I have customized the Bullets and Numbering" levels to look like:

  • Level 1: 1.
  • Level 2: a.
  • Level 3:

What I have tried:

From here: Does anyone have any tips or articles that I could research that might help me learn how to save my custom list levels?


Chapter 12 - Lists

As already mentioned in the referenced question and my answer, you must define a custom list style. The reason is Format>Bullets & Numbering customisation does not persist across session. This is a design decision because Bullets & Numbering is a dirty compatibility feature intended no to upset Word users. It tries to implement a one-size-fits-all feature with all the compromises implied by this generality.

Your first task is to learn how to create a list style.

Then you must decide how you’d use this styles. There are two schools for it.

  • a manual method akin to manual formatting where you explicitly apply the style when you need it,
  • a more formal approach where you attach the list style to a paragraph style
    When you apply this paragraph style, the numbering automatically appears. This second method is more rigorous but you have to design your document in a semantic approach, i.e. every style is associated with a significance, not a visual effect, like heading, note, comment, important, main topic, citation, …

A template .ott is mainy intended to store styles. Therefore this is the perfect place for your (persistent) custom list style.