LO writer freezing when closing session?

For a few weeks now whenever I try to close the current document LO will freeze solid until the message “Force Quit” appears. I’ve gone back a couple of versions and it still occurs. While I mostly use Linux this also happens with LO on my Windows 10 system as well.
Any suggestions or advise greatly appreciated as this is killing productivity.

This is very unusual that your described problem occurs equally on two different systems. This means that there are also two problems.
You can help clarify the situation by providing further information.

…I try to close the current document LO…


  • Have you saved before?
  • Was the saving process finished?

  • Which LibreOffice version do you use?
  • Does the problem also occur in other LibreOffice modules, e.g. Calc?
  • How big is the file you have problems with, are there many images integrated?
  • Does the problem happen only with one file?

  • Where do you store your documents, network drive, cloud?

  • Did the problem occur suddenly, after what event?

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

OS Linux Mint ver 20.2 x64
LO version
Document update or new, large or small, local or remote, when the close current windows X is clicked it will freeze until it times out. I’ve tried this with writer, calc and draw and all act the same way.

OS Windows 10 Latest 2H? update x64
LO version
Same EXACT symptoms with same exact documents. Also writer, calc and draw and all act the same way.

I’ve NEVER experienced this except within the past few weeks.

As far as events - nothing really that I can think of. No major updates to my Linux or to my Windows. And these systems are used heavily every day.

Hope this helps. Thanks