LO Writer - Has completely screwed up page numbers

Ok so I need a response on this ASAP. Writer has gone completely haywire here. There should be THREE title pages and then page numbering starts at one (the table of contents page). Initially I had page numbering starting the page AFTER this (4th page in the file), however, I HAVE to change that. It MUST start on the previous page.

So i tried pressing “format > title page” and changing it to convert only the first THREE pages to title pages and then reset numbering. But the TOC page is given as page 4 (i.e the page numbering did not reset).

When trying to amend this again by re-clicking “format > Title page” I have noticed now that it has some how now started thinking the second page in the file is page 3 (so goes from pg1 to pg3). There is no logical reason for this or way to correct it that I know of.

Can someone please download the file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WLy34O21_pJzKMRlkwLv7o9yK92L8C5c/view?usp=sharing

Sort out the page numbers as above and share a link, so i can paste the actual sodding book content into it? THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, the book needs to be sent off today.

No Bug! Try to solve this problem with:


Enter in the search bar: Page number

I have deleted your second question on the same topic. It makes no sense to fetch the same questions again.

Your hint in the second question with “Emergency” cannot be treated here either.

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EBOT - That link you posted goes to a page that has no “page number” in search results. If you know HOW to solve the problem, please explain it. I cant see this problem in the search results.

Try: Page number

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, the book needs to be sent off today.

Possibly for you.

On this page here help user other users.

Emergencies can not be treated here.

If you have such important and urgent matters, you should look for a support 24/7.

Here is a hint:

Professional Support

Hello again EBOT, there are lots of results there, I can see them but none seem relevent, can you advise on which result contains the answer to my SPECIFIC issue? Thanks for your help.

I do not know the contents of the results by heart.

Important tip:

For page numbering use styles/page styles, via (F11).

If you want to have e.g. page 1 to 3 not numbered, you need a corresponding page style (without numbering).

If you want to start on page 4 with the numbering “1”, you need another page style in which you make a corresponding entry.

I.e. whenever the page numbering should be different, you need a new page style.

You can create page styles yourself by right-clicking on a style and selecting “New”.

Possibly search in the help for such terms.

And probably from the numbering you need a page style each for “left side” and “right side” alternately.

You can assign a page style by placing the cursor in the page and double-clicking on the desired page style.

I hope it helps you.

Sorry the file is here:


Now on latest Libre Office version, and this is absolutely and definitely a bug (how to report to the makers?)

So I do FORMAT > TITLE PAGE and set the following options:

Then clicking on each of the first five pages, then in the bottom left corner, LO says the page numbers are:


Which is correct.

However, the options above SHOULD have made it so LO restarts page numbering AFTER page #3, but thats no problem, because I expect, when I click “insert > page number” in the footer of page 3, it will call it “1”

BUT, when I press insert page number, in the footer of page #4, it inserts the number 4, AND DOES NOT insert page numbers on any subsequent pages.

If I manually add page numbers to page #5 footer, it then adds a “1” and all subsequent pages count up. It literally isn’t doing what the options in the image above should

Your document was initially a .docx and the conversion process added its own idiosyncrasies.

In particular you “nearly” have one page style (named Convert x) per page (rather chapter/part). Your text is direct formatted (everything is Default Paragraph Style with manual formatting added upon it), except chapter headings which are Heading 3 (why diid you attach them to level 3 while they are level 1 structuring elements?).

Your document is not structured at all (Writer-wise). It is impossible to reformat it within your deadline. You should (or rather must) learn how to use styles (read the Writer Guide for an initiation) and how to structure a book in a “professional” way.

Considering the document comes from M$ Word world, i.e. based on different founding principles, you try to compensate your lack of typographical skills with quick’n’dirty workaround like Format>Title Page which have cumulative effects if you don’t take precautions and you gave practically no information on your book (number of pages, formatting complexity, level of automation – I bet none, …) and skills with document processors, we are unable to give any sound advice.

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If you know exactly step by step how to fix the issue, please do advise of this. Unhelpful criticism at an alleged lack of knowledge, isn’t going to help anyone here.

@ChrisCrinkle, if I read the answer of @ajlittoz correctly, the extensive knowledge is offered to you by link “Writer Guide”.

Since it requires extensive knowledge, not all details can be listed here or they would go beyond the scope here, since they are anchored in the Writer Guide. It would be an unnecessary redundancy of information.

The step by step procedure is too long for an answer here due to 1) the mess created by conversion from .docx, 2) the lack of structuring. The worst of both is 2) because it results in a manual operation at all “breaks” in structure: forced page breaks, change of header/footer, change of page numbering, … In addition, these operations may break your layout because you spaced vertically your text with empty paragraphs instead of specifying distances related to paragraph “types”.

My best advice is: read the Writer Guide.