LO writer keep crash on image properties

hi there, i just upgrade my LO into and the writer keep crash when i right click on the image and choose properties. tried many times and still no changes. my OS is Ubuntu 16.10

Also, when the empty writer loaded and than File and than put the mouse over Send, it suddenly crash.

is there anyone having the same problem with me ?

thank you


Try disabling Java in Advanced options?

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Look at Tools-Options-LibreOffice-Advanced (Use Java runtime environment)

I suspect bug 108619, that’s why I ask you to check if disabling Java helps. If it does, then please note that that’s not LO bug, but Java’s bug that has surfaced because of Linux recent kernels hardening.

thank you Mike Kaganski…
it seems solve the problem of Image Properties and File Send reported.

The problem appears to be tdf#108619, which is the Java bug happening because of recent Linux kernels hardening. The workaround is to disable Java in Tools-Options-LibreOffice-Advanced (Use Java runtime environment).