LO Writer keeps crashing

LibreOffice Writer keeps crashing for no apparent reason. While everything seems to be fine when working on an odt file, suddenly, out of the blue, LO crashes. The crash never really seems to be related to a particular task – maybe I was just typing text, or I was navigating the document, or I was changing a setting – and it occurs from anything within a few seconds to a few hours working on a simple text file (that is, several times a day). The file may be a new one (with almost nothing in it yet) or an existing one. It happens both with the fresh and the still versions of LO.

Due to an unexpected error, LibreOffice crashed. All the files you were working on will now be saved.

I did reset my user profile, but after a few days LO began behaving in the same way.

All other software works fine here.

I wonder if someone can help me get to the bottom of this …

macOS Sierra 10.12.6