LO Writer: newline between the chapter number and the heading

Hi, I want to generate the following title style:
image description


  • Why to kill a boss? → have apllied the Heading 1 style and assigned Numbering Chapter style
  • Chapter 1. → it’s the Chapter Number generated automatically

What i want is to know if it’s possible and:

  1. how to insert a newline between the chapter number and the heading.
  2. how to applied a paragraph style to the chapter number in the same way as a character style

This is the closest approximation I could achieve:

As @mikekaganski noted, it is impossible to insert a separator line between the number and the title. My horizontal lines are “border” lines with specific “spacing from contents”. The number is aligned to right at a chosen position. I didn’t check that the choice is still good with 2-digits chapter numbers.

To tune the layout, you have to play with Tools>Chapter Numbering, paragraph style Heading 1 and the character style created to highlight the numbering.

Great catch - the number positioning is really good for aligning the number! (It is, of course, still a bit tedious - because it will not e.g. automatically adjust if user desides to change text area size by change paper orientation, so in case of different size/layout of different pages in one document, one heading style wouldn’t be able to look consistent - but still, this is likely the best thing you can achieve using built-in tools).

Yes, this is biggest shortcoming: manual position of number. However, in this specific case, I don’t think it matters. It looks like it is a novel and, in a novel, you seldom change page orientation.

However, you can still create descendants of Heading 1 where only the alignment is changed. These Heading 1 descendants are connected to outline level 1 and that should be fine for TOC.

It is partially possible in LibreOffice since version 6.1: the Chapter Numbering dialog allows using line break separator between number and name (not using a numbering style!).

Still, two parts are not fully possible to have automatically: having a separator line between the number and the name, which goes across the whole page, and having different alignments for the two lines. You may have a “separator” that underlines the number (only) by using a dedicated character style (with underline) for the number.

The chapter number part of the two-line caption is not a separate paragraph, but a part of the same paragraph, separated by line break (like using Ctrl+Enter). Thus you can’t have separate paragraph properties for these parts.

thank you … i totally missed that option in Chapter Numbering