LO Writer not saving hyperlinks in a docx file?

I have been pasting hyperlinks in a doc file using LibreOffice Writer The links work after pasted in the doc file (from another source). After save and re-open the file, the hyperlink no longer works. The original text is still in place but clicking on the link does nothing. The text is still underlined like a hyperlink but when I hover over it, I do not see the “Ctrl-click to open hyperlink:”. I can copy and paste it into a browser and it will work.

However, if I save the file in the odt format, and re-open, the links work just fine. I can just hover and click the hyperlink and it opens browser tab and goes to the correct web page.


Compatibility problem?


Please also report the behaviour as a bug in Bugzilla https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/ .
See also:
How to report bugs in LibreOffice
How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki
Please write the link to the bug here.
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Thank you very much.

It works for me with a .docx file created in the LO7.5.8, and then reopened it in LO 7.5.8 permanently installed, and in LO 24.2.0 Portable versions:
Hyperlinks.docx (5.6 KB)

Can you upload your sample file here?

LO test hyperlinks 7663.docx (6.4 KB)

Thank you for your reply. My config: Dell Latitude 7490 Mint 21.3 Kernel 5.15.0-101 Cinnamon 6.0.4

I am new here. Hope the file is attached.

Had a look to your sample. “https://www.wikipedia.org/” is pure text (according to the XML). Therefore, no link is associated to it. Only Internet Link character style is applied to it, just like it can be on any text and this does not turn it into a hyperlink.

Selecting the text, Insert>Hyperlink and configuring it does creates the hyperlink. I can save to .docx and the hyperlink persists when reopening the file.

It is likely that your original data does not contain hyperlink markup or that the markup is lost during either the copy or paste operation.

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Check your file with the Navigator.
There is not any real hyperlink in it.
Never paste preformatted content from foreign sources (like the internet). Alvays paste it “as unformatted text” content.
The LO Writer will recognise the hyperlink after you hit an Enter at the end of the pasted hyperlink-like string, and the LO will format the recognised hyperlink automatically.

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