LO Writer repagination problem

I have a 300 page document with images and text. There are two columns throughout the document and it is saved as an .odt. After exiting Writer, and reloading the file, the paging changes substantially - sometimes in the exact same spot and sometimes in random locations. For example, in two areas, I have text followed by an image followed by more text. Upon reloading, the images are always on the next page as if a a New Page was inserted. In other areas, new (empty) paragraphs can magically appear which throws off the spacing.

The more upsetting issue is that now, I don’t even have to exit Writer. I can scroll through the document after having corrected the multitude of spacing issues only to have issues suddenly appear (including the New Pages in front of the images). Any idea what is going on? This is beyond frustrating.

I’m using LO x64 on Windows 10.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Two important points when inserting images are anchoring and positioning, see:

How can I anchor and position graphic elements (images, objects)?

Set anchorage for the image

I think it is not a repagination problem.

If you have trouble following what is behind the links given, you should upload your file here so someone can look at it. Thanks.

Thanks @Hrbrgr ,

I’m anchoring the images To Character (that seems to work with all of the other images) so I believe I’m following the recommendation (I could be wrong). This doesn’t explain why the majority of instances (where images aren’t even involved) can suddenly have newlines generated between them.

I’ll monkey around some more tonight with the two images where I’m seeing this. I’m open to any more thoughts?

Thanks again!

Are you sure empty paragraphs are created? Have you enabled View>Formatting Marks where paragraph marks are displayed as pilcrows (mirrored P)?

If they are not paragraphs but empty space, this may be a result of combination of position parameters, wrap property and “keep inside text boundaries”. But this does not explain why layout changes on reopen.

I’m open to any more thoughts?

Yes, I too.
I had asked you to upload your file.
The file may be reduced and anonymized, but should reveal the problem.
But do it only if you need further help. Thank you.

Ah! I’ll turn on the formatting marks and see if it’s truly paragraphs or something else. Thanks!

Thanks Hrbrgr, unfortunately, I can’t upload the file (even a portion of it) since it’s a confidential document. :frowning:

Thanks gents! Fixed it! The problem images were set to “To Character” with positions set. I changed it to “As Character” and those are good to go. Showing the paragraph marks also showed about a dozen hidden characters that were causing the odd behavior. Not sure why, but they’re gone and I can load and save just fine. THANKS AGAIN!!!