LO Writer treats ''toggle numbered list'' as Heading 1 within default text

[I am using LibreOffice Writer (x64)]

Dear all,

When I toggle the numbered list, for some reason the numbers that appear are 52p or something. They are huge. And I can’t seem to be able to change their Font Size in any way. I can’t really select them either. It seems as if LibreOffice thinks that I want them to be ‘‘Heading 1’’. But I don’t, I just want them to be 12p numberings in the default text.

I’ve tried selecting the numbers and setting them to ‘‘default text’’, but nothing seems to work. I keep having to resort to bulleted lists, because the bullets are normal 12p size, but I really badly need the lists to be numbered in order to facilitate cross-reference reading :(…

Looking forward to any help!

Warm regards.

List numbers are internally added to to-be-numbered paragraphs and are therefore not “user text”. It can’t be simply selected.

Default-list (the type of which you create with the toolbar button) formatting is controlled by Format>Bullets & Numbering, Customize tab.

Appearance of the number can be changed with the Character style menu selection. By default, it is None, meaning that the list number has the same attributes as the paragraph text. You may have inadvertently assigned a specific character style (through spurious keyboard combination or other way). Restore it to None or explicitly choose a character style for a specific effect.

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Thank you so much, man. You’re a god-dam psychic! You knew exactly what was going on… Thanks!!

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