LO6.1 writer: define a style with a border which is width ruler limited

LO 6.1.3

I which to have a title style, say title2, so that

  1. text of title2 are surrounded by a border (no issue with that)
  2. is centered (no issue with that)
  3. and its border is limited on the right and left by the triangles on the horizontal ruler, i.e. Using Rulers - LibreOffice Help (I fail to create that)

is it a missing feature, aka a feature request, to have the border limited as a STYLE, of course you can force it title after title, but I’m speaking of a style which will apply to all titles?
I fail to create a STYLE that has such properties, and in style>style editing, I fail to see a tab that mach this ruler criteria.


Borders enclose the paragraph area, i.e. they are drawn around the space defined by indents. You can’t specify a border larger or smaller than indents (you can add spacing, but it is used only to give more separation between paragraph contents and its border).

Indents are controlled by Indents & Spacing of paragraph style dialog. Before text is for left indent, in LTR text, (or paragraph left “additional margin”) and After Text for right indent.

These can be set by ruler triangles (outside the style dialog), but using them is direct formatting and won’t be entered in the style definition.

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EDIT 2018-12-13

If the paragraph you want to apply the borders to is a Heading n paragraph, you face unwanted interactions between paragraph style settings ans list formatting. Remember that chapter numbering internally uses the list engine, whether you activate chapter numbers or not. Settings in Tools>Chapter Numbering take precedence over paragraph indents.

The left indent can be managed with Tools>Chapter Numbering, Position tab. I’d recommend setting Aligned at and Indent at to the same value.

Unfortunately, there is no solution for right indent as resulted form my question here.

Thanks, but partially answered.

Actually, if I go to the Style Editing and in the Indents & Spacing tab
I observe that

  • Before and after text value do not
    have any effects, while
  • 1st line does have an effect

But I do see that bottom and up triangles on the horizontal ruler for this title2 style are set as 1,5 and 3 respectively.

I do not see how to modify that in the editing style itself.