LO6 Cannot find GPG keys

I was trying to sign some documents but LO6 (Writer and Calc) cannot find my GPG keys. What could be the problem ?

Linux Mint 19 Tara


It appears there are a few open Bug reports on this subject. Here are two of them:

Bug 118478 - OpenPGP / GnuPG issues

Bug 120046 - GPG keys are not available to LO after kernel update

Bug 118478 seems to be similar.

Just to report that this issue might not be a LibreOffice thing, but something else. Because using the AppImage version of LibO 6.2.8 I can see the OpenPGP keys, but using the mainstream LibO 6.3 I cannot.

Try to uninstall the mainstream (from official repositories) version and install the one from the AppImage store.

I had found this question in 2020. I don’t know what happens with LO6 / LO7 that was shipped by Ubuntu/Linux Mint but, using the deb packages provided by Libreoffice team, I got the GnuPG working again with LO7 under Linux.