LO7.6.7 Download BROKEN same with - but both only allowed me to see pdf's; monthlybrokerStmnts&Nothing else;64bit window10

Tried both about 3 times and now can only open about 30% of my files. I tried it on Chrome as i do not believe my Chrome has anything that blocks like my Ublock on firefox; I know i shut off MS defender on all tries But not sure i shut off firewall - if i did it was probably only once. I had a suggestion from someone that knows computers beyond the average knowledge base - that i go to Desktop and first delete all of my previous LO’s before i start downloading a new one = this scares me in that maybe it will lose all of my folders &files. I would describe my computer skills as basic only. I used 7.3 and before that 7.1 without this major problems for years if not decades (what prompted me to try update is all the notices i get from LO showing i was out of date and also thought that it might solve the problem on 7.3 of not taking me back to the last drive i was on ie Onedrive or personal drive and hardly ever to the last folder i was working or viewing on. I urgently need expert help on this with simple language instructions assuming i know extremely little about computers, as i have critical info on my files which are in the 1000’s. Thks

Have you tried opening LibreOffice first, then clicking File > Open, navigating to a file and clicking open?

If that works then it is just a matter of of changing default files in the operating system but I’ll wait for your response.

BTW it would be easier to read if you have some paragraphs in your text

@ErnestAl thks, yes i did this to the best of my knowledge when i did what i say in my first sentence and only pdf files opened and some copied monthly broker statement files which are about 30% of my files if that. I started on Desktop then clicked on the particular download version of LO opening it > “open file location” to get to the folders and files which i clicked on to open.

Also I cannot find LO writer and LO calc

What operating system are you using?

Please start LibreOffice, then click Help - About LibreOffice.

  • In the dialogue that opens, click on the icon immediately after Version information to copy details to clipboard.
  • Open your question by clicking on the pencil icon and paste the details at the bottom of your question. If you can’t do that, then make a new comment and paste into that.

You shoud think of your priority: As I read

Your first task should be to create one (better two) backup of your files to an external (usb-) drive. Then you can not loose your files (or not so easy…)

@Wanaderer et al: Can i revive files from an October 2023 back up I have on a memory stick if i can ever get a download of a proper running Office being it Libre or some other Office Suite. I only have the 7.3 on my desktop right now as i deleted the two i downloaded a few days ago in hopes someone here would advised me what i was doing wrong on the downloads but in the process i told LO to get rid of my older version i believe or it did so automaticlly when i downloaded the first one. I am still able to open the pfd files and the broker files mentioned above using the L0 7.3
The thing that urks me about LO right now is they do not warn of these possible traps or pit falls when updating to a new version.

Yes, with few exceptions, wich usually doesn’t matter to unexperienced users. (Like OLE-references to other software, wich was not included in the backup …).
My guess from your convoluted description is, you don’t have LibreOffice installed now. So you can now open only files for wich your OS provides other software like Edge for pdf.

Actually the stuff you describe is usually not happening during updates. You download the new installer, double-click on the downloaded .msi and the new version replaces the old one. For everything else there is an old joke (besides using backups).

Computing is like being in a submarine. The moment you open windows your problems begin.

YOU are the admin of your system. So you are the person who decides what is safe to do, like a driver of a car.
My suggestion would be: Download again from Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

and choose 7.6.7 instead of 24.x Install from .msi using your admin password. The check, if you find Writer then in your Windows-Start-Menu (you may just type Writer in the search box.)

As a PS: Did you read release-notes, before downloading? Or where do you expect to get your warnings?

Except for how to install which should be read, Installation Instructions | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

Thks Wanderer. U sound to my uneducated ear here:

  1. that u believe that i can recover that data inside the memory stick with a functioning office suite being the one i started with LO 7.6.7. ( i cannot remember what came after the 7.6.7 on the one i previous downloaded and it is not in the recycle bin) or certain software in Edge which i do not like and do prefer FF or g chrome
  2. that if i follow ur instructions " You download the new installer, double-click on the download .msi *and the new version replaces the old one.I should have a proper working LO and be back to all the capabilities i had before on my working LO 7.3.
    *is that the yellow download button just under windows (64bit)? and once i do that i end replacing automatically 7.3 or what is left of it, fully?

I did try to read release notes but could not understand them. R u saying not to delete what is left of 7.3 on my desktop before downloading the 7.6.7? BUT should i delete another old old version i have there 7.1? (remember my comment from a service dept rep at a large computer store in my City that i should delete all old versions first and my sub comment that i fear i will lose even more of what i had.

thks for ur patience and guidance W.

(slightly reformatted by ajlittoz for better readability)

Alas i completely removed the 7.6.7 from my computer because in the end it looked like the most logical choice {i realized that because when i tried to download LO afresh it showed in the wizard only modify or repair or delete files (and that is where i really sweated it as was not sure if that meant my personal files or the 7.6.7 files - but i took the leap and assumed it was the 7.6.7 files)} . I then started right at the beginning searching it out on google chrome and then followed a dude exactly on Youtube instructions and voila all is back the way it was before my debaucal.

Now i need to learn how to manage my files safely and securely - so far I only came up with this LO
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jfzgD6GwQ0 Am not sure i fully understand it when it gets to “files stored on the hard drive or ssd” part or how i get there and whether a 80 year old, non-nerd like me has to know this but it says limit ones attention only to “Own Data”. Maybe someone can enlighten me or direct me to the abc’s of this last part .

Now I am wondering the best way of storing my passwords in easy and secure way and if i need to hier a service to give me one password. I must admit for convenience i have all of my 60 (i will soon get rid of those i do not use any longer) passwords memorized in LO under a coded name. Any recos would be appreciated.
I am wondering what backup to use and certainly if memory sticks are lacking in uptodate backup then i must seriously look at purchasing at least one of the usb backups (not sure what parts of my computer data they do back up) that Wanderer recommended. Sincerely, thks again, for all of your generous help here, Wanderer!