Load a Python Library with Portable Apps LibreOffice on Windows 7?

Loading a dependency Library in a regular Linux installation of Python is done using pip.

Loading one using Portable Python on Windows, one can use Easy_Installer.exe

But how is this done using a Python installation contained in a Portable Apps version of Python used for writing LibreOffice macros?

I normally limit myself to the Python libraries that are included with LibreOffice. That way, the code can run on other LibreOffice installations.

You can either Run Python Interactive Console or install APSO extension and launch Python shell from its menu

  • additional info following Jim’s remark:

Despite its title How to install pip in LibreOffice embedded Python… is describing the process of installing pip3/LibreOffice/Windows and loading a dependency library. I did not verify it…

The question asked how to install libraries such as with pip. Your answer does not seem related.

Indeed Jim, my bad

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I don’t have Win 7, but I test in Win 10 (virtual) with LibreOffice Portable 6.4 and I can install pip in and other libraries. You need locate folder with python.exe and execute it.

I try record video for you.

¿What python libraries you want install?

This seems like a good enough answer although the question was asked in 2018 (shown only as '18 but mouseover shows the full date) so it is unlikely you will get a response.

Right, don’t look at the date